Absmart CCTV System Description

System Description for name of project

The CCTV System intended for this project is based upon the well-proven AbSmart CCTV matrix control system. AbSmart CCTV System is a colour compatible modular system, which is expandable in steps of 4,8,12,16 and 32 camera stations.

System Features

The central rack contains the AbSmart CCTV System and camera power supply. The camera power supply supplies the camera stations with 12VDC/24VDC. The operator may by means of the operator’s keyboard, select video images from the camera stations and view the images on the monitor, or any future monitors. The operator may also control movement of the camera stations with pan & tilt, wiper & wash and all lens functions by means of the operator’s external Joy Stick or mouse.

Cable Installations

Cable Installations using CAT 5, CAT 6 or RG6 Type Cable with a video transceiver/receiver on both ends will be required if the distance between DVR/NVR and Camera is above 100 meters and if electrical interference is present. All Data Transmission, Video and Power supply cables-run will go through a galvanized iron pipe if required or to meet the regulations. All camera power supply will be taken from the control station. All camera connections will be concealed for security.

AbSmart strongly recommend to use a Surge Protection Device for outdoor installation for Video, Power Supplies and Data Transmission to protect the equipment against high voltage surges produce by near-by Lightning Strikes.