• Ex-Certified on Hazardous Area : Design, install and work on Electrical Apparatus in Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 area. Just a Simple Understanding to get the picture of the Zones Classifications: a) Zone 0 – Explosive gas, vapor or Dust are “ALWAYS PRESENT” b) Zone 1 – Explosive gas, vapor or Dust are “MAYBE PRESENT ONCE IN A WHILE” c) Zone 2 – “CLEAN ATMOSPHERE”
  • CCTV-Surveillance Products: Monitor your area locally or thru remote.
  • Fire & Gas Detections: Combustible and Poisonous Gas. Design Detection Type and Cause & Effects ( C&E ) functions
  • Door Access : Entrance Controller using, RFID, Facial Recognition, Biometric
  • Car Park Automation : RFID controller for Parking Boom
  • ANPR License Plate Recognition: Automated Number Plate Recognition, abbreviated as ANPR, is one of SPECIAL Camera Application .It can READ the car’s plate number,Brand,Model and Color. LILIN’s foremost software products. ANPR is a type of OCR (optical character recognition) technology, to read automatically the registration number and characters of vehicles from digital pictures. Reading the registration number means transforming the pixels of the digital image into the text of the number plate. LILIN ANPR system allows versatile & client-specific applications such as comparison of number plates with a Blacklist, Whitelist, and Exclusion List. The setup of Blacklist is to avoid unauthorized vehicles attempt accessing the premises by sending a pop-up warning window to users through LILIN ANPR solutions. Whitelist is mainly for access control. In addition to Blacklist and Whitelist, users can also set up an Exclusion List, is featuring to avoid misreading frontal vehicle brand logo as registration plates.Not only users can setup various lists for all kinds of license plate reading applications, but also LILIN offers “Recognition Rate Filtering” function to minimize the chances that unclear images / motion blur due to vehicle moving. With LILIN ANPR solutions, users can set up their default total length and font size of plate numbers and letters in order for receiving high recognition rate.
  • Wide Angle CCD Under Vehicle Inspection Camera UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is a simplified surveillance system to perform the vehicle under chassis inspection. The system is designed to monitor and record real time video. Playback of captured video for future reference is possible. High resolution video provides clear live video of the vehicle’s underside in detecting attached packages, explosives and other objects.These will be consists of 2 to 4 high resolution video cameras, capable of producing color video even in low light.The infra-red illumination units will takeover in total darkness.The Power and Control Unit will be located in a secured location and can be monitor remotely.The Operating Unit is presented with real time vehicle undercarriage video providing the user to view 2 to 4 video clips of the vehicle undercarriage through the LCD screen.Securing images are processed by the PC which is capable of recording 2 to 4 channels simultaneously.The system can also be a fixed or portable type defending on the applications.
  • Vehicle CCTV Camera – Our System is Designed for mobile unit that it will never FREEZE the video signal.
  • Industrial Automation: PLC – Programmable Logic Controller, Design and Repair.
  • Vehicle Tracking Device: Track all your vehicles on Real Time.Record daily activities. We can add on an additional functions like, open door alarm,( if the door at the cargo open it will send a signal to the base) We design and install any alarm to any part of the vehicle.
  • Remote Controller: Switch ON/Off your lights, door etc thru ( SMS ) Text messages.

 Our goal in developing any product or service is in tune with the basic foundation of all customer-oriented businesses – to make everyday living easier, more convenient and efficient.  We give our utmost best to identify products and services that pre-empt the needs of our would-be customers. We make it our mission to help the company to protect their business and improve its assets and resources. Products and services are currently being developed, and existing technologies are being re-engineered and re-packaged in a way to fill the loopholes that we see in different industries. 

The flagship products of Absmart are as follows; CCTV-Security Services, Surveillance Products, Warning Devices and Industrial Automation using the latest technologies by known and reliable manufacturer ie; AVTech,HIKVision,Merit Lilin,Dahua, Hernis and Pelco HDVR/NVR and High Definitions Cameras. Autronica for Fire and Gas Detectors.

We are also Designing, Programming and Trouble Shooting (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller for Industrial Automation and Process Control.

We are offering a Schedule and On Call Maintenance Service for your Existing Equipment. This will avoid unnecessary breakdown and downtime.

We can upgrade your existing Analog CCTV System into an IP Camera Type    ( network type ) without replacing or adding the RG6 Cables ( Coax ) or CAT 5e ( UTP ) cables, NO more problems if you need additional cameras on each locations. Meaning that it will save time and cost running new cables from the entire buildings.                                                         

Absmart Technicians are Ex-Certified to design, install and work on Electrical Apparatus in hazardous area. We can also provide assistance with the compliance of electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres for new and existing plant.

We can design, provide and install CCTV System, Fire and Gas Alarm, Electrical and Instrument Controls for hazardous area across a wide range of industries, including the Chemical, Steel, Oil, Petro-chemical, Pharmaceutical, Gas, Offshore & On Shore Heavy Engineering industries.

Our team of competent Technicians have worked in hazardous areas over 34 years and are CompEx qualified for explosive gases and vapours, intrinsically safe systems and combustible dusts. 

Our CompEx certified technicians deliver comprehensive hazardous area inspection reports, advising on corrective action where necessary and provide assurance that you are complying with all the very latest international standards, codes and practices and meeting your legal obligations.

More products and services are underway…..products that seek to fill the loopholes that we see in different industries. Some of these may not be first of its kind, but with the way that Absmart will be packaging them, competition is bound to ask —  “Gee, why didn’t we do it that way?”