Absolutely Smart Technologies was formed in Singapore by a Team of experts Oil & Gas personnel specializing in Drilling Technologies, Safety of Personnel, Property and the Environment.

Absolutely Smart Technologies made its first offering of products in Singapore in Year 2001 and is currently establishing presence in the Philippines since 2003.

On June 2003, Absmart Digital Technologies was formed here in Manila, Philippines with Department of Trade and Industry ( DTI ) Registration Certificate.

On November 11, 2012, Absmart Digital Technologies was converted into a corporation under SEC, Absmart Digital Technologies Corporation.

Eventually, the absmartdigitech.com website will serve as a venue to introduce new products and services resulting from the creative energies of the team.

AbSmart evolved from friendship among people of different fields of expertise, experience, and even cultures.  

The combined expertise of the partners covers technical development, business and marketing strategies, and operations.

Qualifications of the steering team include electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, with an MBA-level management and marketing technique.

Extensive experience of over 36 years from the Oil and Gas industry pertaining to Safety and Technical would be readily seen in this company’s line of products.

Because Absmart was formed and manage by experience offshore and onshore oil and gas personnel, We are capable of designing, supplying and installing CCTV, Instrumentation, Alarm and Early Warning Device or any Electrical/Electronic equipment for hazardous locations/Class such as Zones 0,1 and 2 as per EU & IEC / Division 1 & 2 as per NEC Electrical Regulations.

Finally, although AbSmart Digital Technologies Corp. is manage locally, We  keeps constant communication with frequent travels of the management team members overseas to keep in touch with all partner companies in Asia and ensure that AbSmart products sold anywhere has the same level of quality and service excellence is maintained.